02 December 2016

Looking Forward

Some things on my mind:

  1. portable identity, or reputation, maybe acting as a broker for transient gig–based work (still fleshing this out, but will have more to say this week maybe?).
  2. performance art online (see my last post).
  3. revising my piecework paper based on some reviews (which were, by the way, super constructive and helpful, so if you were one of my reviewers, thank you so, so much).
  4. writing a blog post trying to articulate the idea behind that piecework paper for “everyday people”.

I don’t really want to publish a blog post about my paper (#4) until I get confirmation that it’s been accepted (best not to tempt fate), but I can talk about the other stuff, so if you’re really curious, feel free to contact me

If you have something to say about this, contact me