20 June 2012

Stumbling and Momentum

Yesterday I had a rough day, mostly consisting of me oversleeping - something I rarely do anymore. I don’t sleep much in the first place, so a few hours more is like doubling my sleep. It sounds nice, but it’s disruptive.

I completely flaked on a kid I was tutoring in Statistics, which consistently makes me feel pretty shitty. I hate letting people down. It wasn’t made better by realizing later that I wasn’t doing as well in a class as I thought. I think I can pull things back up in the next week or so, but it’s worrying nonetheless (and not just because I practically make a career out of worrying).

It’s just a stressful part of the academic year: My Anthro study is wrapped up and I need to write the paper, prepare the presentation, and ultimately give a talk about it in… fewer than two days. Add to that another presentation on a psych study (comparing learning and memory when reading on paper versus a computer screen), and preparing for the Ecuador program (for which I leave in just over a week).

Oh and that Psych class - I stupidly opted to do an alternative project to the lab rat program the school established where students take part in psych studies. It seemed like too much work. The alternative project? A 5 page critique of an established psych study. That’s due either this Thursday or next Monday. Neither option sounds appealing. And this is the class I’m concerned about, to add salt to the wound.

I can’t say I haven’t learned a lot this quarter, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t being overworked (just a little bit). Hopefully Ecuador will be a little low-key, and I’ll be able to relax and enjoy the 11,000 foot high altitude (and short-term altitude sickness) for the whole month of July.


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