13 July 2012


These past four or five days I’ve been getting sicker and sicker, so today I decided to quickly deal with whatever I have rather than fight it on my own over a longer period of time. The doctor experience was odd. There was nothing profoundly different about the place; it just felt off. The doctor’s office itself was more like a business office than a medical office, with his own desk separating himself from patients. His desk was covered in paperwork, upon which was resting a prescription pad, making it seem like his job was more about writing prescriptions and doing paperwork than it was about being with and interacting with his patients.

I had two infections: one bacterial and one viral. The doctor wanted to have a follow-up meeting on Tuesday because of the bacterial infection.

I came back to the lab to work on the catalog and today I started inventorying the artifact bags from various operations. I got about halfway through operation 40, found about 30 bags with erroneous and duplicate cataog IDs.

This 3-day weekend I plan on staying in. Duh.

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