18 May 2017

Piecework Talk

About a week ago I gave a presentation at CHI (‘17) on the paper I wrote on crowd work and gig work and piecework. I mentioned that you can get the link from my profile on Twitter (via this link), but a blog post is a much nicer way to point to stuff because I can give a few options:

You can have the…

  • paper (pdf) ~210K
  • source files for the paper (LaTeX) ~228M (this includes the presentation… poor planning on my part)
  • HTML render of the paper (html) ~654K (because that seemed kinda cool)
  • talk slide deck (pdf) ~18M
  • source files for the slide deck (LaTeX) ~226M (lots of figures and images that I didn’t bother to resize; you can pick and choose what you want)
If you have something to say about this, contact me