29 July 2012


These past several days have been difficult. Yesterday UC Irvine notified me that they had not yet received my college transcripts, and were thus putting a hold on my registration. I’m not sure how that impacts my Summer Start registration for classes (which have been processed and confirmed), but HOPEFULLY they’ll keep that registration intact on the premise that I will resolve this issue. Eventually.

Truthfully, I don’t know if I can do enough from Ecuador by email to make things work in time. I emailed my dad, but neither he nor the person in charge of transcript orders is responding to my contact. I’m nervous about coming back to the states and finding hat I lost my admission to UC Irvine. I can’t take another setback like that. I just can’t handle it.

The lab can’t be worked out in time either, I’m afraid. The database stil lists over 380 duplicate entries, and each duplicate requires almost an hour of investigation before I can get an idea of what the source of the problem is. There are not enough hours left in the project for me to do this.

The blog is apparently not getting enough posts, but the students are overworked and can’t be pushed much harder than they already are. Still, I need to find a way for the students to post.

I’m stressed out. I’m beginning to miss home more.

If you have something to say about this, contact me