12 March 2015

Foothill Talk!

I got a chance to give a talk at my old community college for my Anthropology professor/mentor Sam Connell. I’m pretty sure he knows that if he asked me to give a talk in Nebraska to an empty room I would begrudgingly pack my bags and do it, but fortunately he hasn’t asked me to do anything that hasn’t turned out to be awesome.

In this case, the talk was pretty much “standing room only”, which is more than a little out of the ordinary for a typical Anthro talk (even some of the CS 547 talks I’ve had the chances to attend (mostly as a CA) weren’t quite packed, but I digress).

In any case, I made a few slides to get people kind of interested in the sort of stuff I do, which taps into Anthropological methods and theories pretty heavily (if not objectively, then comparatively for a Computer Scientist).

The talk itself is where the content really is, but if you were there and you wanted to see that video of Ron Livingston dressed up as PianoCat playing a piano, then by all means here you go(pptx).

Note that there’s no PDF version; there were too many animations so it would’ve made the export kind of pointless. If you happen to use a program that doesn’t open pptx files, contact me (below?) and I’ll jump through up to 5 metaphorical hoops to help you out as best I can.

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