09 July 2012


Yesterday the ladies we employ at the house were given the day off, leaving us to prepare our own breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast was hectic and a lot of silverware and cups were left out. In hindsight, I realize that the ladies have probably been cleaning up for us this entire time. How they have patience for us is astounding.

Saturday night was eventful. Got drunk, danced, etc…

After getting food, Ana struggled to get home to Cangahua up the steep mountains. When we reached the town, we came upon a parade which blocked all traffic, so we drove around and eventually drove off the road to take the long way back home.

Cooking dinner was chaos (and my shirt was ruined), but it was worth it at 6:15 when we put food out. There should still be leftovers, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we served everything, and we made enough for almost twice as many people as we served.

We had a late staff meeting to organize dig groups and I asked to be assigned to the lab, where I worked today. It felt good to get work done that I felt particularly suited to (making a digital XRF catalog). I hope I can continue working in the lab, if not with Angus studying the impact of the rose industry on the people here.

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