16 July 2012


After self-prepared dinner last night (french toast and eggs), the group of students staying at la Conventa played drinking games late into the night. I decided to turn in early because I was still feeling sick.

This morning I woke up early and had some eggs prepared by Scott from Buffalo. Will and some others had arranged to visit a site with Dr. David Brown (formerly of UT at Austin), and they invited me, so I went. How often do you get to survey with David Brown?

Despite being sick and the trip being rather rigorous - about an hour in rough mountain roads in the back of a truck followed by a steep hike up a mountin trail - I enjoyed the excursion very much. “D-Bro” (as we called him)

Surveying was fantastic - and not just because the views were incredible. Seeing a potential new site - literally discovering a site right at that moment - was thrilling. I felt out of my depth, but this doesn’t surprise me much since my area is Cultural Anthropology, not Archaeology.

Getting back, being hungry, and waiting for dinner is/was less fun. I wouldn’t mind fast-forwarding to tomorrow night (both to further reduce this sickness and to see others on the project again).

I can feel myself losing patience with others on this trip, but I don’t know if this is a culture shock or something more genuine; I feel like I’m justified in being annoyed with some self-aggrandizing, over-eager-to-please idiot singing all day and night.

I’m pretty sure I hate when people sing out of nowhere regardless of where I am.

I must sound like a scrooge. I should end on a positive note.

I am excited to take a week off, then start at UC Irvine and hopefully get a new Macbook Pro with a “Retina Display”.

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