06 April 2020

CHI Surfacing

I alluded to this in the last post, but I’ll be trying to write a bit about each paper I tagged as interesting in the list of CHI papers that caught my attention. If you’re one of the authors in one of the papers I listed, and I haven’t linked to it (or if you’d just like to chat about it), please reach out! My goal isn’t to give a deep reading to papers. If you’re a first-author and you’d like to do a deep-dive conversation, I’d love to try that (maybe we could video chat, or just DM on twitter, or something), but my goal is to get across what sparked my interest in the paper. If you’re new-ish to the HCI space and you see a title and you’re thinking “why did Ali gravitate toward this paper?”, then hopefully these posts will help give some insight into that. My thinking is that you might have read a title, thought “that doesn’t sound like my thing”, and passed on it; if my blurb sparks your curiosity enough to go check out the paper, then I’ve succeeded. That being said, if you read my blurb and you’re like “okay, got it, but that’s still not my jam”, then that’s totally fine.

If you have something to say about this, contact me