About That Bingo Game

About That Bingo Game

Hi, you apparently wanted to know more. Here’s some more information.

some privacy stuff

  • I’m not tracking anything on that bingo page. I’m pretty sure google analytics is on this and other pages on this site, though. it turns out githubpages adds google analytics to everything when it compiles the site. Sorry about that.
  • If you refresh the page, you’ll lose everything - even the arrangement of the squares. You might even get different squares.

how to play

Bingo’s kind of a fun game if you’re listless and have nothing better to do, and I feel like that describes me this year, so I made a bingo game.

The basics are hopefully easy to pick up. Load the page and it’ll randomly pull up a bunch of bullshit platitudes that tech advocates give when AI or tech platforms or tech in general cause harm to people. tap or click on the square when you hear them say the thing.

If you get a straight line up/down or left/right, take a screenshot and tweet it, with… I dunno, let’s go with “#BreakUpBigTech”.

i want to suggest a new item

Cool! If you’re interested in suggesting something, keep in mind that it should be

  • short (I want it to fit in the box)
  • something people say often enough to be tired and stupid
  • not something already in the list

If your idea checks all of those boxes, then I’d prefer if you would @ me on twitter. You can file a pull request on github, but that’s a lot of work and I really don’t wanna do that and it won’t impress me or anything.

i want to suggest a feature

If it’s a feature that improves accessibility, then definitely contact me. Otherwise, please understand that this isn’t a major project for me (it was a note on my phone for a few months, then I spent about half an hour writing the code, and now I’ve spent more time writing this document than I spent writing the code).

So… feel free to pitch the idea if you want, but be prepared for me to pass. Sorry!